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Contract for the Provision of Tourism Services

Form part of the contract, on the one hand the Ilha Grande Tours.
CNPJ 07.260.588/0001-61 headquartered Street Amancio F de Souza, 35. - Ilha Grande- CEP 23960-000 Angra dos Reis-RJ, on the other, the contractor, passenger:

ZIP: CITY:                                    STATE:           COUTRY:
CPF:                                             RG:                 PHONE:
DESTINATION:                                                  TRAVEL PERIOD:

I - Ilha Grande Tours, declares himself an intermediary between the client and other service providers involved, such as operators, air companies, shipping, hotels, receptive, Adventure schools, etc.. Likewise, as determined by the Regulatory Embratur, and under the Civil Law, the company is not responsible for delays and advances of schedules, strikes, changes made by proven service provider, weather conditions, governmental decisions, acts of terrorism, robbery or theft, accidents or complications related to the practice of adventure sports or radicals, as well as possible costs arising from such circumstances, the responsibility of the passenger.

The passenger declares to be aware that, because this is a service, will not be delivered. The vouchers will be emailed in PDF.

III - THE PROGRAM OR TRAVEL TOUR, chosen by the passenger, will run always in observance (Article 1 of the resolution of Embratur Ruling No. 392/98 PUB. DOU 08/07/98):
A - the conditions or specific description of the program is printed above.
B - To the general conditions laid down by Resolution Normative. No. 161, 09/08/95 Embratur, which is an integral part of this contract, regulating the reciprocal rights and obligations of the parties, their responsibilities and cases of modification or cancellation of program, the initiative (s) of passenger (s) as well as standards of the Code of Consumer Protection Law no. 8.078/90.

We must inform the passenger of the cancellation policy air travel national, international, and maritime rodoaéreas among others. On the initiative of the passenger:

a) Provide timely, up to 6 days before boarding the replacement by another participant in the same conditions employed. Any change in air travel that requires reissuance of the ticket, there will be a fine determined by the cia air, to be paid by the passenger, whose value varies according to each co. Air getting outstanding job, either,

b) Agree with Provider participation in another program of travel, provided that it satisfies both parties or, c) is not feasible to apply the above hypothesis, loss in value of the Operator, the following percentage of the value of travel,

1) Cancelation of more than 30 days before the beginning of the trip loss of 10% of travel

, 2) Cancelation from 29 to 21 days before the start of the trip loss of 20% of travel

3) Cancelation from 20 to 07 days before the beginning of the trip loss of 40% of travel,

4) Cancelation of 06 days or less before or during the course of travel 100% loss of the trip.

Airfares for charter flights or promotional fares in economy class or executive, can not have any type of change: how to reissue a ticket, change the date of change of name being then aware that the passenger will have a total loss if it would quit. These rates can not be the marking of individual places.

It is the responsibility of the passenger carrying all the necessary documents for the shipment as well as original ID in cases of domestic travel. Valid passport in case of international travel, parental consent notarized in case of minors and 18 years traveling unaccompanied by their parents or both, consular visa valid when the target and vaccine demand.

VII - Charters
Are the schedules set just 48 hours before departure. May or may not have scales or connections. Are not likely to change the date. Do not give entitlement to reimbursement. Because it is a tour package, the shoot will be issued by the operator by a co. National or international airline affiliated to IATA and designated by it, that will determine the flight time and which will include the airline ticket, can not be changed or transferred. Any changes that the client wishes to imply price adjustment.