Right of withdrawal

We must inform the passenger of the cancellation policy air travel national, international, and maritime and airline among others. On the initiative of the passenger:

a) Provide timely, up to 6 days before boarding the replacement by another participant in the same conditions employed. Any change in air travel that requires reissuance of the ticket, there will be a fine determined by the cia air, to be paid by the passenger, whose value varies according to each airline company;

b) Agree with Provider participation in another program of travel, provided that it satisfies both parties or, c) is not possible to apply the above hypothesis, loss in value of the Operator, the following percentage of the value of travel,

1) Cancelation of more than 30 days before the beginning of the trip loss of 10% of travel

, 2) Cancelation from 29 to 21 days before the start of the trip loss of 20% of travel

3) Cancelation from 20 to 07 days before the beginning of the trip loss of 40% of travel,

4) Cancelation of 06 days or less before or during the course of travel 100% loss of the trip.